‘Workout from Within’ for more performance and less injury.

GravityFit is a complete Science based system of whole body exercise developed from Space research to optimize Core Body Strength and Performance.

The Founder Carolyn Richardson PhD world renowned Professor of Physiotherapy presented the Gravity Fit Model to the therapist at KIMA Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness this weekend. We are very excited to begin introducing these revolutionary exercises for optimizing the different “core”s of the body to our patients.
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GravityFit guides and explains how to progressively increase the sensory effect of Gravity, while holding good postural form, to strengthen the

  • muscles of the spine
  • connection to the lower limbs via the lumbar core
  • connection to the upper limbs via the thoracic core as a complete unit.image3GravityFit  uniquely allows you to measure and improve Core Body Strength, and has proven results in:
  • enhancing athletic performance
  • reducing injury
  • faster rehabilitation.

GravityFit  focuses on strengthening a particular group of muscles that lie deep in the body, the Anti-gravity muscles, to build Axial Spinal Stability.

It has been developed by Dr Carolyn Richardson from over 30 years of research and practical application including work with astronauts and elite athletes.

image4image1GravityFit  is the only system of exercise that progressively increases the sensory effect of Gravity based on a standardized exercise model, and incorporates this science into an upright whole body training program.




‘Workout from Within’ for more performance and less injury.