Tracey & Patricia Attend the Global Wellness Summit 2015

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) is an international gathering that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively impact and shape the future of the global wellness industries. The 2015 Summit took place in Mexico City, Mexico, November 13-15, 2015, at The St. Regis Mexico City under the theme "Building a Well World".

Each Summit agenda feature high-profile speakers and addresses the timeliest issues, ensuring that the GWS offers the vibrancy and relevancy that has become its trademark. When the program is developed, each candidate’s expertise, interests, and areas of concern are taken into consideration, along with global events and industry trends, to create the final Summit agenda.

The Global Wellness Institute ™ (GWI), established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational foundation, has as its mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness.  Through its four pillars, research, initiatives, roundtable discussions, and, the GWI serves as a “hub” that informs and connects key stakeholders capable of impacting the overall wellbeing of our planet’s citizens.

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Dr. Deepak Chopra | Pioneer of Alternative Medicine and Author

Described by TIME magazine as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century,” Deepak Chopra is a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. Deepak is a world-renowned presenter, keynote speaker and author of 80-plus books (22 of them New York Times bestsellers). He serves as founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder and chairman of the board for The Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

Daniel Friedland, MD

Daniel Friedland, MD helps organizations transform their leaders and people from stress and burnout into high performing, innovative, engaged leaders and teams so they can take their organizations to the next level in a globally competitive environment.

His programs on Leading Well From WithinConscious Leadership, Peak Performance,Employee Engagement Through Stress Management and Cultivating Resilience are evidence-based with a solid foundation in neuroscience and mindfulness practice, and are presented with a warm, engaging human touch.

As SuperSmartHealth’s Founder and CEO, Daniel is an internationally recognized thought leader and a passionate and dynamic keynote speaker, educator, coach and consultant on Leadership Development, Culture Transformation, Employee Engagement, Peak Performance, Stress Management, Resilience and Evidence-Based Medicine.

Recently named a Healthcare Champion of the Year by the San Diego Business Journal, Daniel was awarded the 2015 Wellness Service Provider award. He is also the Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine – the largest association of integrative healthcare providers in the country.

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-8Patricia Ladis, Daniel Friedland & Tracey Vincel

Kenneth R. Pelletier, MD

Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD, a renowned expert on integrative medicine and corporate wellness programs, is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Arizona School of Medicine and the University of California, School of Medicine, San Francisco (UCSF). He is also the director of the Corporate Health Improvement Program at the University of Arizona School of Medicine and a medical and business consultant to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the World Health Organization (WHO), and major corporations including Cisco, IBM, American Airlines, Prudential, Dow, Disney, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and more.

The author of ten major books, including the international bestseller Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer, he has been the subject of numerous television programs including appearances on ABC World News, the Today Show Good Morning America, and the PBS NewsHour.

Dr. Pelletier is currently overseeing research on the new science of epigenetics, the study of how people can turn genes "on" or "off" through lifestyle changes like diet and meditation.

unnamed-11Dr. Pelletier

Paul Limburg, M.D., M.P.H.

Paul Limburg, M.D., M.P.H., is a consultant in the Department of Internal Medicine and professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic. He is a prolific author, speaker and researcher, specializing in chronic disease prevention. As the medical director for both Global Business Solutions and the Office of Wellness, Dr. Limburg oversees our robust product portfolio so that the business strategies align with client and market needs. Dr. Limburg is also a local youth sports coach, member of the Augustana College Athletic Hall of Fame, and retired trumpet player. Learn more about Dr.Limburg here:

Adam Perlman, MD, MPH

Dr. Adam Perlman is an Associate Professor of Medicine and works within the Duke University Health System as Executive Director of Duke Integrative Medicine and in a leadership role as Associate Vice President for Health and Wellness. He has responsibility for Duke’s Health and Wellness portfolio, including Duke Integrative Medicine, the Duke Diet and Fitness Center as well as the Duke Health and Fitness Center. In his role, he is contributing to the work of healthcare transformation within and beyond the University System. Additionally, he is the Founder and Director of the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University. Since assuming his position in 2011, Dr. Perlman has worked to transform the business model for many aspects of Health and Wellness, including such changes as adding insurance coverage as well as a concierge Integrative Primary Care practice at Duke Integrative Medicine. Learn more about Dr.Perlman here:

Tom Gubanc

As Senior Director for the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Enterprise, Tom Gubanc is responsible for directing the strategic and tactical planning, development, distribution and coordination of new wellness products and services that improve health and the cost effectiveness of healthcare delivery. The goal of Cleveland Clinic’s wellness efforts is to make preventive care and wellness a driving force in medicine and society.

The goal of Cleveland Clinic’s wellness efforts is to minimize the physical, emotional and economic costs of illness through health and wellness services and education. Cleveland Clinic has a strong history of leadership in the Wellness sphere. As a top ranked healthcare institution, Cleveland Clinic has consistently sought to shift the national focus from providing “sick” care to promoting wellness. From designating its entire health system smoke free on July 4, 2005, to no longer hiring smokers as of Sept. 1, 2007, banning trans-fats from its menus and appointing the country’s first Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic is dedicated to creating a healthier environment for its employees, patients and community.

Gina Diez Barroso | President and CEO, Grupo Diarq

Gina Diez Barroso is president and CEO of Grupo Diarq, a Mexico City-based firm whose vision is to promote and develop Mexican creativity; with 1,000-plus employees and eight subsidiaries, the company runs the gamut from real estate development to the creation of “Centro,” a University of Design, Film, Media and Innovation. Grupo Diarq’s publishing house, GYA, published Harmony, Serenity, Balance: Spectacular Spas of Mexico.


Tracey & Patricia Attend the Global Wellness Summit 2015