KIMA Proudly Sponsor Synaesthesia Playground


We were honored to be a sponsor of Synaesthesia Playground which took place at Spectrum NYC on Friday, May 6th. A piano concert experience for the 21st century masses. Young Steinway Artist Jocelyn Ho brought together a world-class team of musicians, computer scientists, visual artists + fashion designers to create an immersive and interactive concert. It was an evening of spectacular multimedia experience!

Featuring six newly commissioned multimedia works for piano,  gamifying classical music through the audiences own mobile phones and wearable tech. The KIMA team had lots of fun participating in music making with our own mobile phones like a game; our mobile phones became art-worthy makeshift musical instruments where we got to interact with the pianist on stage, and with each other.

The visual effects of Synaesthesia Playground was nothing less than spectacular. The collaborators for Synaesthesia Playground hail from the world’s most renowned institutions.  Japanese visual artist Nobuho Nagasawa and HUL ARNOLD created performance attire made of optical fibres that pulsated and changed color to the performer's heartbeat, breathing and movements. In stark contrast, multimedia artist Takafumi Ide and Celeste Oram created video projections onto the body of the piano, reimagining the piano as a living organism with a skin.

To learn more about Jocelyn Ho and her work visit

KIMA Proudly Sponsor Synaesthesia Playground