Success Stories

quoteSteve is amazing. I've been to many PTs and Drs over the past six months but Steve is the person who has helped me the most. He really listens and tailors his treatment to the individual. He explains everything with clarity and patience. I now feel confident that I will continue to improve--and I did not feel that way before beginning PT at Kima. Thank you so much! Also, Alicia, the woman who handles the majority of Steve's scheduling is particularly wonderful, too. Very smart, efficient, organized, professional... quote

Dr. Vaswani

Anthony Johnson

quoteI have been a patient of Kima for over 7 years now and I recommend them highly. I have worked with a number of therapists in the past, and by far, they are the best. From my first appointment with Kima, I knew they had a special gift for physical therapy. Not only were they extremely thorough in their analysis, but they had and has an enthusiasm for their craft which appeals to me greatly. With Kima's experience and background, anyone should feel confident that they are in good hands. quote

Anthony Johnson, STOMP cast member, professional drummer, producer, song writer.

quoteDear Dr Lutz, thank you for referring me to KIMA! I have been a patient since November and am more than impressed with their services! The treatment plan that has been prescribed for me has been extremely effective … quote

Irma C, Real Estate Broker

quoteThere is truly no better place in all of NYC to get PT. I had a very complicated case, and the dedication and time spent on working towards getting me stronger has been top-notch. If you are in need of good rehab, reeducation, Pilates, or any other health & wellness related service, you should run to KIMA. They are lifesavers!!!!! quote

Justine M

quoteThe team at KIMA has been a wonderful resource for our practice. They do a terrific job of analyzing the whole patient, how they live, work and move and then strive to correct the situation in its entirety, not just focusing upon the involved area…it is no wonder that we insist that our most problematic patients go out of their way to be taken under their care quote

Dr. Robert Buly, Orthopedic Surgeon

Mike Bryan

quoteKima saved my career! Their knowledge and expertise helped me get rid of my chronic hip pain and prevent a hip surgery that most doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to continue without. They are the reason why I am still playing high level tennis today! quote

Mike Bryan, professional tennis player, #1 doubles champion, multiple Grand Slam titles

quoteKIMA is amazing. It's not just a beautiful space….they really care about the wellbeing of their patients. I've been an on-and-off PT patient for years, having gone through many different therapists and clinics, but never found it to be helpful (sometimes it was even detrimental). After my most recent injury, the therapist there had me significantly better within 2 sessions over the course of 3 days. I literally could barely walk yesterday... and then worked a full 6 hour event today as a photographer with much less pain than I anticipated. Normally I would have been out of commission for at least 2 weeks. Forget the rest, this is the best. For real! quote

Melanie Rose P

quoteI have to say, that I am so glad that I switched where I am doing my PT. The KIMA therapists address things that the other office did not, they look at the whole body and teach me how to be in control of my pain. I so wish I had not wasted my time at an other place. Thanks, quote


Sarah D

quoteHey I've been meaning to email to express my deepest gratitude for everything KIMA did for me. I actually went on a 7 week long road trip recently  in which I primarily camped and did a lot of hiking (both urban and trail) including the very strenuous Angels Landing in Zion, Utah and a 14 mile day hike in Big Bend, TX. I brought with me some of the exercises you provided to keep things running smoothly. Now aspiring to do Half Dome, Mt. Shasta and the PCT up the west coast! I know that without the KIMA team,  I would not be as well as I am today. My life changed for the better once I found my way to KIMA and I think about it often. All my best, quote

Sarah D, Photographer

quoteI am ever so grateful to KIMA; they have made my recovery such a miraculous experience just six weeks after micro- spinal surgery. Having been a professional ballet dancer, I had lots of physical therapists in my life….. I discovered the best physical therapists I have known.. unending talent and devotion to their art...their  knowledge of the body and great respect and sensitivity and encouragement to me was remarkable. I want to thank Alicia and Stacey for scheduling all my appointments so wonderfully and being so warm and friendly Best, quote

Pat K

quoteNot a day goes by that I'm not thinking how grateful I am to KIMA…. Usually lately… its while doing yoga …balancing on one leg … or while trail running around the castle of Cardona…because I can go trail running …around a castle.  I doubt it would be possible had we not met. quote

Bryan G, Photographer

quoteI came to KIMA in June of this year after seeing 4 different doctors plus an Occupational Therapist, a highly recommended Acupuncturist, and three other Physical Therapists. I had two MRIs which indicated that there was "nothing wrong". But my neck pain and tightness had become severe enough that I was anxious about even going to dinner or acocktail party, and I was not able to maintain my yoga practice of over a decade. After one session at KIMA I knew that they were going to be different from anyone I had seen….Without their intervention, I think it's a serious possibility that I wouldn't have found the treatment I needed to recover. I feel lucky to have found KIMA, and so grateful for their generosity and talent …. quote

Dafna S

quoteI already feel better after these 2 sessions at KIMA than I have after any of the other therapies I have had. My therapist explains everything that she is doing, why she is doing it and what it is going to accomplish. I have her undivided attention for a full 45 min in my own private, beautiful treatment room. quote

Courtney R

quoteMy doctor referred me to KIMA and I asked “are they really good?”  His answer - "I send my friends there" The therapists at KIMA have serious knowledge of anatomy, physiology and body mechanics. They used this knowledge to determining my needs and taught me elements of each exercise. They are impressive as instructors and consistently supportive. My Doc was on the mark. quote

Franz A

Bernard Cooper

quoteI had been plagued with lower back pain, and after examining many alternatives and trying innumerable techniques for easing same, I was referred to KIMA. I am pleased to say that their efforts have given me the first relief I’ve had in years. quote

Bernard Cooper, former Chairman of the Board, NYC Road Runners

quoteYou don't know what PT is until you've been to KIMA. They will transform your life. They do manual therapy, which is completely different from other types of PT. quote

Laurel T

quoteBEST BEST BEST BEST BEST physical therapist I have EVER EVER EVER found in the WORLD. And I am PICKY. Highly highly recommended. The therapists there really know their stuff and are so amazingly talented at fixing up my body, and more importantly teaching me what to do to keep getting better…and the environment is as wonderful as the therapists.   quote

Jocelyn C

Rafael K

quoteI'm a huge fan of the multiple-therapist approach. Being seen by more than one person has definitely helped me heal. quote

Rafael K