Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck pain is a common complaint with a lifetime prevalence of nearly 50%. There is significant evidence to support the use of manual physical therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise to prevent and eliminate neck pain (see articles listed below). At KIMA, we use the latest orthopedic assessment and manual therapy techniques to treat neck pain. Some of these techniques include joint mobilization of the cervical vertebra that may become stiff and make it difficult for you to turn your head. Other techniques involve the strengthening of the deep neck flexors that have been proven to weaken in individuals with neck pain, headaches and/or whiplash (Jull 2000)(1). These muscles have also been proven in randomized control trials to reduce pain and restore neck function (Jull et all 2002)(2). At KIMA, we will help identify the underlying source of your neck pain and the factors that may be perpetuating it.

Headaches in some form are experienced by at least 90% of the population and 70% of them are associated with neck pain. At KIMA, we specialize in treating cervicogenic headaches, caused by dysfunction in the cervical spine (neck). A detailed subjective and objective examination will help our therapists determine whether your headaches are of cervical origin. There is significant evidence supporting the efficacy of physical therapy management of cervicogenic headaches (Jull et al 2002)(2).
These techniques will be administered in KIMA’s private treatment rooms and prescribed as home exercise program with the goal of eliminating your headache.

(1) Jull, G. “Deep Neck flexor muscle dysfunction in whiplash.” Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain, 2000 43-54.
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