Rolfing® Structural Integration is a specialized manual therapy and brain-body reeducation technique that addresses dysfunction, strain, and instability –often the primary cause of injury, pain, tension, and poor posture– in the body. Rolfers utilize a unique, hands-on approach to access the many layers of the body in order to reorganize them and establish more balanced and functional structural relationships.

Rolfing increases muscular efficiency, body function, balance, awareness, mobility, quality of sleep, and ease in movement.

All bodies can benefit from Rolfing regardless of age, physical fitness, or medical history. Rolfing is especially ideal for those seeking more comfort and ease in their movement, and those who want to connect with and understand their bodies better to be their own health advocate.

At least three sessions are usually recommended for most clients, but even one Rolfing session can be beneficial.

Rolfing Structural Integration sessions are available at KIMA with Christi Mueller Caspe, Certified Rolfer. Visit for more information.

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