Ki-Hara Stretching

What is  Ki-Hara ?

This new modality of training refined by Steven Sierra and Anne Tierney of Innovative Body Solutions stretches and strengthens the body dynamically while energizing the core and training the whole body eccentrically & concentrically.

By moving the arms and legs in specific, explosive rotational and diagonal patterns, the core is continually engaged and the body achieves optimal strength and flexibility in all ranges of motion.

Ki-Hara is a form of flexibility, strength training, and core work like no other workout you’ve ever done before. Following the workout, you will feel an instant release of tension as well as a burst of energy as the muscles are stripped of toxins and lactic acid and replenished with fresh blood and oxygen.

During Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, the muscles are being contracted and lengthened at the same time so the muscles are only taken as far as they resist to keep stretching safe and effective. The basic concept to Ki-Hara is that the muscles are strong THROUGHOUT their ranges of motion and it’s not how long they are, but whether they are strong throughout that length – strength and flexibility go hand in hand – keeping the muscles more stable and explosive. During assisted sessions, we also utilize a technique of muscle, deep tissue, and fascia release called “mashing” to help loosen up muscles, flush toxins, and get maximum results.

One of the major benefits of working with a Ki-Hara Certified Trainer is their expansive knowledge in problem solving muscular imbalances. We’ve found that an “inflexible” muscle may actually be in-able to stretch because of inactivated muscles, scar tissue or tightness elsewhere. The Ki-Hara Method stresses the importance of working through these imbalances to release the muscles surrounding the problem area to allow for true flexibility and strength in full range surrounding the joints.

During self-stretching you will be using your own body to provide resistance, and during assisted stretching sessions, the trainer will be providing resistance in unique movements that go deep in the hip and shoulder joints to provide maximum flexibility and train you in everyday movements. The Ki-Hara Trainer is essentially a very sophisticated piece of gym equipment providing both FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH training.

This is the next evolution of fitness and is true full-body integration and centering.

Come and experience pure COREdination – It’s definitely what your workout’s been missing.

Ki: the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

Hara: The vital centre of the self, the focus of existence. The hara designates the part of the lower abdomen and pelvis region near the genital organs. It is an area located one and a half inch below the navel and one and a half inches inward toward the spine. This point also happens to be the body’s central axis (centre of gravity / balancing point). Energy (chi/ki) is stored in the hara where it is heated before spreading throughout the body – hence a warm glowing feeling.

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