Personal wellness varies day-to-day and depends on so much more than what you eat. Work, stress, environmental exposures, and chronic conditions are only a few of the myriad of factors that affect our very complex sense of wellness. At KIMA we work with a global nutritional organization called NutriWhite, who seek to elevate health and transform lives through immuno-nutrition. The initial consult is a 90minute online session with Andreina and Mariana White. Your plan will include coaching, supplement recommendations, food recommendations, and education.  NutriWhite use lab tests, food diaries, and your health history to design a personalized nutrition plan appropriate for you needs and health concerns.

Andreina White, MsC

Andreina is an expert in applying food, nutrition, and diet to aid digestive health and systemic healing. She holds two masters from the University of Barcelona, Spain, one in Immunology and the second in Metabolism. In Spain she had the privilege of working with Dr. Clavera, specialized pediatrician in Biomedical therapies to improve the condition of autistic children.

Andreina is a Licensed Nutritionist, with a Bachelor´s of Science Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She recently lived in New York and is now located in Santa Cruz California expanding Nutriwhite’s philosophy to the world.
She travels often giving workshops, is a speaker at international conferences and sees patients across the United States, Europe, Latin America and all over the world through online nutrition practice.

Mariana White, MsC

Mariana is a Board Certified Nutritionist Consultant and member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals. She is a Licensed Nutritionist, has a Diploma in Positive Psychology and a Masters in Holistic Nutrition. Her passion is to learn and convey cutting – edge information to improve the quality of life of people. She sees adults and children who want to improve their health through immuno-nutrition.