Client Education

This education portal is for you. It is meant to spark your curiosity and to present current trends, research and ideas that resonate for you as you move toward optimal health and well-being.

  • Health can be seen as bathing in a wide open pool of possibilities.

  • Unhealthy can be viewed as various rigid and chaotic ways of becoming unable to be present with this broad freedom.

We access the potential for health and well-being by being open, curious, and tuning into ourselves to balance our level of knowing with our level of BEING. This education portal is meant to plant seeds to help balance these levels in body mind and soul.

We will address topics that are very relevant to our body……being gravity fit and connecting to our 3 cores, techniques for releasing tension from our bodies and movements that we love for eliminating pain and preventing its recurrence.

We will address topics relevant to our minds……particularly neural integration, mindsight and emotional intelligence as well as cognitive training to heighten concentration and focus.

We will address topics relevant to our soul…… connection to our personal identity, how to create a soul profile and aspire to our highest states of consciousness.

AND lastly we will address the breath… the bridge between our body, mind and soul. The breath regulates our body’s physiology, affecting blood pH balance, and how much O2 is allocated to our brain and tissues. The breath also to allows us to reduce stress and settle into our BEING.

As we prepare handouts and videos we will be putting them here for our clients and all that are interested in these tools for moving in the direction of radiant health and wellbeing.

Click here for our Wellness Resources or download the helpful guides below.