At KIMA we are proud to possess several cutting edge technologies that allow us to supplement our clinical examinations with greater detail and provide patients with the best possible treatment. One of our most powerful tools is the Protokinetics Zeno; a 20 foot long forceplate that generates key insights into how you walk, run, even jump and cut.

How it works

As you walk the length of the forceplate, Zeno collects metrics including the speed, step & stride length of your gait in addition to finer measurements like toe widths and outward angles. Ultimately, Zeno reveals how weight is transferred across your foot, how your foot strikes the surface, and how your body’s center of mass moves from foot to foot.

How it helps

Improved Walking

By comparing the results of your Zeno analysis against established normative walking data, your specialist can provide higher-quality feedback and treatment to optimize your walking gait and its relationship to your general physical well-being.

For sufferers of chronic lower limb pain, the gait data provided by Zeno is a major component of the assessment for Apos Therapy. Through gait analysis one of KIMA’s certified Apos Therapists will be able to redirect the ground reaction forces traveling up and compressing painful joints, decreasing the muscle bracing or co-contraction around arthritic joints and de-loading painful areas. By restoring alignment and improving gait patterns, Apos Therapy is very effective with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee. KIMA is one of the few centers worldwide offering this cutting edge, personalized treatment for conditions like knee and hip osteoarthritis.

Improved Running

In conjunction with treadmill video and real-time 3D motion analysis, Zeno completes our three-tiered custom tailored running assessment. This assessment is often used specifically for return-to-running programs (following injury), but is extraordinarily useful in general diagnostic workups – how running contributes to your overall biomechanical well-being.