Patricia Ladis

Patricia Ladis, PT, ECC received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from New York University and graduated with valedictory honors. She is also holds an Educational Capnography Certification through The School for Behavioral Sciences which allows her to help people with chronic pain or breathing dysfunctions reach an optimal chemical axis for a balanced internal and physical state. She is certified in Kinetic Control’s Performance Matrix Assessment Screen and is working toward her Visceral Manipulation Certification.  She is certified in the Integrative Systems Model (LJ Lee, Diane Lee) and is a graduate of the ISM Series since 2012. She has post-graduate manual therapy certificates from the Barral Institute, Institute of Physical Art, Integrated Manual Therapy Solutions, Upledger Institute, NE Seminars, Diane & LJ Lee’s Discover Physio, Lorimer Moseley’s “Explain Pain” training, Gravity-Fit with Carolyn Richardson, Performance Matrix Series and Kinetic Control with Mark Comerford. Her post-graduate coursework is focused on manual therapy, biomechanical assessment, nerve pain, chronic pain, injury prevention and holistic health.

Patricia has over 21 years of clinical experience in outpatient private practice in New York City. She co-founded KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness in 2006 and continues to primarily work out of the NYC holistic wellness space. KIMA methodology includes specialized biomechanical analysis and treating the ROOT CAUSE of someone’s pain/ailments/inefficient mechanics in a holistic way. Her specialized skills include osteopathic spinal and joint mobilization, biomechanical analysis, manual therapy techniques including functional mobilization, myofascial release, real-time ultrasound re-education, pre and post-partum health, neuromuscular re-education, nerve flossing/ decompression/desensitization, PNF, training/rehabilitation for return to marathon, sport or art form, gait training, post-surgical rehabilitation, Pilates/Gyrotonic exercises and core stabilization.

She works with a variety of diagnoses including lower back pain (herniated discs, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, sacroiliac dysfunction, post-surgical), pelvic pain, cervical pain, hip pain (labral tears, tendinitis, bursitis, stains), shoulder injuries (rotator cuff, impingement, bursitis, dislocation, instability), thoracic and rib dysfunctions, foot and ankle injuries (tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, sprains, post-fractures, post-surgical, anterior compartment syndrome) plus various ligament and meniscus injuries.

In additional to her work in the clinic, Patricia works with professional dancers and athletes. She has been an on-site physical therapist for The Rockettes and various Broadway shows including The Producers, Lion King and Movin’ Out. She was also a PT for the American Ballet Theatre and prestigious ballet and modern dance companies such as David Parsons, Cedar Lake Ensemble, Paul Taylor and many more.

Patricia works with tennis professionals throughout the year. She is a Physical Therapist at the U.S. Open, Fed Cup and ITF tournaments. Patricia has worked with various players ranked in the top 10 at tournaments such as Wimbledon. She was the U.S. Tennis Team’s Physical Therapist at the Athens 2004 Olympics. Patricia has developed a Musculoskeletal and Injury Prevention Screen for the USTA & is the process of refining it with the team at KIMA. She has screened the up and coming tennis players at the USTA or Olympics Headquarters. This screen is aimed at focusing a player’s cross-training program to heighten their assets, lower their injury risk, and optimize their performance on the court.

Patricia has appeared on NBC News and Fox News as commentator on various orthopedic issues including shoulder injury and rehabilitation and back pain.  She consulted and is featured in two chapters of Avery’s, The New Rules of Running.  In addition, she consulted on the book Golf RX and co-producer for the DVD accompaniment to Dr. Vijay Vad’s breakthrough medical text Back RX. She has also been published in FORBES, VOGUE, Men’s Health and Ladies’ Home Journal in articles on lower back and hip pain.

A former professional dancer, Patricia has knowledge of the body that makes her attentive to detail. She is passionate about prevention and aids individuals to live a pain-free, mobile lifestyle. Her treatment caters specifically to each patient’s needs. Having sustained an injury herself, Patricia understands how frustrating injury can be and how important a speedy recovery is for overall well-being. Her specialized skills and positive energy help her patients avoid surgery and return to prior or higher levels of function and activity.

As a mother of three, Patricia understands the demands of everyday life and aims to help her patients achieve a balance in their body. She utilizes and works together with other wellness professionals to aide in the balance of one’s mind, body AND spirit.