Physical Therapists

Liz Parrillo, PT, DPT, MTC
Certified Manual Therapist


Liz graduated top of her class from the University of St. Augustine where she earned her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. Her studies at the University were intensive in the evaluation and treatment of the spine as well as joint mechanics and mobilizations. Liz’s treatment approach has been influenced greatly by the work of Stanley Paris, Shirley Sahrmann, Diane Lee, Mark Comerford, and David Lindsay, especially in regard to the treatment of pelvis, hip, and low back pain. In her post graduate studies she has pursued and achieved a Manual Therapy Certification to further improve her ‘hands-on’ techniques. She also is certified to perform customized orthotic fittings through Sole Supports.

As a runner, Liz has great interest in the biomechanics of gait and in analyzing which movement dysfunction is the source of pain. She also incorporates her Pilates background into her treatments. Liz has treated several athletes on and off the field. She has also treated runners in training for the NYC marathon and on-site in the medical tents.

Liz believes in educating the patient and creating independence so that the patient leaves therapy not only with a complete understanding of their diagnosis/movement dysfunction, but also with the knowledge of how to prevent a recurrence. In addition to addressing the specific mechanical fault, Liz treats the whole patient, by taking into account the patient’s overall health (e.g. stress levels, quality of sleep, diet, etc). Liz customizes her treatments to the individual by addressing each patient’s lifestyle demands, goals, and expectations.