Research Articles

J L Cook: Is tendon pathology a continuum?

A Pain Neuromatrix Approach To Patients with Chronic Pain by G. L. Moseley

Discriminating Healthy Controls and Two Clinical Subgroups of Nonspecific Chronic Low Back Pain Patients Using Trunk Muscle Activiation and Lumbosacral Kinematics of Postures and Movements by Wim Dankaerts, PhD, Peter O’Sullivan, PhD, Agnus Burnett, PhD, Leon Straker, PhD, Paul Davey, BSc and Ritu Gupta, PhD

The Inter-Examiner Reliabilty of a Classification Method for Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain patients with Motor Control Impairments by W. Dankaerts, P.B. O’Sullivan, L.M. Straker, A.F. Burnett and J.S. Skouen

Long-Term Effects of Specific Stabilizing Exercises for First Episode Low Back Pain by Julie A. Hides, PhD, MPthyST, BPhty, Gwendolen A. Jull, MPhty, FACP and Carolyn A. Richardson, PhD, BPhty(Hons)

Athletic Pubalgia and “Sports Hernia”: Optimal MR Imaging Technique and Findings by ImranM. Omar, MD, Adam C. Zoga, MD, Eoin C. Kavanagh, MD, George Koulouris, MBBS, FRANZCR, Diane Bergin, MD, Angela G. Gopez, MD, William B Morrison, MD, William C. Myers, MD

Diagnosis and Classification of Chronic Low Back Pain Disorders: Maladaptive

Tendon neuroplastic training: changing the way we think about tendon rehabilitation: a narrative review

AposTherapy Research Articles:

A treatment applying a biomechanical device to the feet of patients with knee osteoarthritis results in reduced pain and improved function: a prospective controlled study by Yaron Bar-Ziv, Yiftah Beer, Yuval Ran*, Shaike Benedict and Nahum Halperin

Long-Term Effects of AposTherapy in Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee: A Two-Year Followup by Yaron Bar-Ziv,1 Eytan M. Debbi,2 Yuval Ran,1 Shaike Benedict,1 Nahum Halperin,1 and Yiftah Beer1

A Novel Biomechanical Device Improves Gait Pattern in Patient With Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain by  Avi Elbaz, MD,* Yigal Mirovsky, MD,† Amit Mor, MD,* Shavit Enosh, BPT,* Eytan Debbi, BA,* Ganit Segal, BEd,* Yair Barzilay, MD,‡ and Ronen Debi, MD†

A Non-Invasive Foot-Worn Biomechanical Device for Patients with Hip Osteoarthritis
Michael Drexler1*, Ganit Segal2, Amnon Lahad3, Amir Haim1, Udi Rath1, Amit Mor2, David R Morgensteren4, Moshe Salai1 and Avi Elbaz2