Magdalina Gofman, MSPT

Physical Therapist

Magdalina Gofman, MSPT, is a physical therapist with almost 2 decades of experience.  Since earning her Masters Degree in 2000, Magdalina has had hundreds of hours of ongoing education in manual therapy techniques and she enjoys being able to apply these techniques to help her patients’ recovery.  These courses have included those focused on Muscle Energy Techniques, Manipulations, Taping, Tigger Point Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and others.  In addition to manual therapy, Magdalina has a strong background in movement training and therapeutic exercise and worked during her college years as a martial arts instructor. Magdalina believes that each person is unique and that the whole body is connected, so she tailors each treatment to the individual and looks at the person head to toe.

Magdalina has worked in a variety of settings, including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, privately owned PT clinics, hospital based PT clinics, and theaters.  In 2005 she decided to become a traveling physical therapist and worked for 11 years on the west coast, including  Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.  She spent the last 5 years working at the Center for Sports Medicine at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, which housed the longest-running hospital-based athletic injury treatment program in the country, under the director Dr James Gerrick, one of the “father’s of sports medicine”.  Having certified as a Rehabilitation Pilates Instructor in 2013, and the Pilates program at the Center for Sports Medicine being at the forefront of using Pilates in a rehabilitation setting, Magdalina helped in the program development by introducing the CoreAlign®  and Yoga Ropes as new forms of exercise equipment to her colleagues there.